5 Tips Exercise For Diabetics

exercise for diabetics

A lot of research says exercise is very good for diabetics. If done correctly, exercise help control blood sugar levels in the body. So, here I give following tips in exercise for diabetics. You can use it as references to keep your blood sugar level keep in safe.

First, notice how long you did the exercise. Although exercise is good for health, but if done it with a wrong time, it will not be beneficial to health. Adjust the exercise time with your ability, so you will not fatigue after exercise. The best exercise time for teens is 1-1.5 hours. While for the elderly is about 15-30 minutes. Do exercise in the morning or evening because the air is not too hot at that time.

Second, choose the right type of exercise. Not all diabetics are elderly. Some of the diabetics are still teenagers. Tips exercise for diabetics is appropriate by their capabilities. If you are young, you can do exercises like running, swimming, soccer, basketball or boxing. While if you are elderly, it is better to go to gymnastics, do morning walks, yoga, or the other exercise.

Third, avoiding dehydration. When you did the exercises, you will use a lot of energy. It will make you weak, and limp. So, you should consume water before, during and after exercise. Thus the body can remain fresh. Moreover, water is able cleaning the entire organ in the body from bacteria and fat attached.

Fourth, doing exercise regularly. You do not need exercise for 3 hours in one or two days. Exercise in short time but done every day will give you a very good impact on the body even done briefly. This tips exercise for diabetics is very important to implement.

That’s are the tips exercise for diabetics that you need to consider. Do the exercise in the right way so you can get good benefits for your health, especially to keep blood sugar levels to remain normal.

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