6 Fruits Which Can Control Insulin Levels In The Body

fruit to control insulin levels

Diabetes is a disease caused by the blood sugar in body too high. So as not to endanger the health, this disease should be treated immediately. One way of treating diabetes is to eat fruit. Did you know that fruit is a source of nutrients and vitamins that are good for health? So it is advisable for diabetics to diligently consume fruits.

However, not all fruit well to consume by diabetics because there are some fruits that have a very high sugar content that will increase insulin levels quickly. But you don’t need to worry. The following is a fruit to control insulin levels are good to consume every day.

First, orange. This fruit has a high content of vitamin c and low in carbohydrates so it is good for health. The sugar content of the fruit is not too high so it is safe for consumption by diabetics.

Second, berry. All types of berries have high antioxidant content that can boost immunity to diabetics. Besides this fruit to control insulin levels contain fiber which good for digestion and various vitamins can improve health.

Third, fruit to control insulin levels is melon. A diabetic needs a lot of vitamins and nutrients such as beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin b and c to maintain body condition in order to stay healthy. By consuming melon diabetics can get all vitamins that need to body.

The fourth is the apple. This fruit is an excellent source of fiber, in addition apples also contain vitamin a and antioxidants are also well to consume diabetics every day.

Fifth, fruit to control insulin levels is a kiwi. Like any other fruit, kiwi has nutrients that needs to body such as potassium, fiber and vitamin c. Consumption kiwi fruit every day is able to control the levels of insulin in the body properly.

Sixth, pear. This fruit contains vitamin c, fiber, potassium and minerals that can improve the health of diabetics. The sugar content in the fruit is low so if consume this fruit would not increase insulin levels but still provide the energy to move.

Those are six fruit to control insulin levels that can be consumed daily by diabetics. Fruits that usually have very high sugar content are a seasonal fruit such as and durian. In addition to consuming the fruit, diabetics must be diligent exercise and avoid foods that contain lots of carbohydrates, calories and sugar. If handled properly, then diabetes can be cured easily.

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