Avoid Diabetes By Consuming 4 Foods Below

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Diabetes can be treated with proper diet. The right foods for diabetics are the food that doesn’t cause the blood sugar raise up. This is reason why diabetics have extra performing diet by avoiding some foods. Not only diabetics, to safe your blood sugar level, it is better for you to avoid some foods below.

So, what kind of foods that increase your diabetes risk? Here some foods that increasing your diabetes risk and you should avoid it.

First, foods contained a lot of sugar. If you love eating sweet foods, so stop from now. Sweet foods raise blood sugar levels quickly although you consumed it in less portions. Foods contain a lot of sugar such as chocolate, candy, cake, ice cream, bottled beverages and other foods that use sugar as the main ingredient.

Second, foods that contain high cholesterol. When you have diabetes, the good fats levels decrease and bad fats are increases. It cause heart disease and a stroke if you pass it. Avoiding foods with high cholesterol such as shrimp, red meat, poultry, high-fat milk and egg yolks will decrease the diabetes risk.

Third, fruit juice. Maybe you’ve been thinking consume fruit juice is good for diabetics, but it turns out. According to research, consume fruit juice every day increase sugar levels in the body. Health experts suggest for diabetics to consume fruits directly than juice because it is rich in fiber. While the juice has a high carbohydrate content that not good for diabetics

Fourth, alcoholic beverage. Consuming alcohol increase blood sugar levels quickly. In addition, alcohol has a negative impact on health so as much as possible avoided

Fifth, fruits and vegetables. Though the fruit and vegetables good to consume, but there are some fruit and vegetables that you should avoid. Some fruits and vegetables can raise blood sugar quickly such as mangoes, durian, and pumpkins.

Sixth, white rice. Though it is not too sweet, but if you consumed it more your sugar levels will increase quickly. It better replacing white rice with brown rice because has a lower sugar content. Actually, this is the best way to minimize the diabetes risk.

That some foods you should avoid to minimize diabetes risk. Change your diet from now with avoiding those foods and do not let diabetes robs your life’s happiness.

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