You Are Diabetic? Try 3 Healthy Menu Below

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Diabetics should do an extra diet to make his blood sugar keep in lower  levels. The best way to tackle diabetes is choosing a healthy daily menu. By selecting the appropriate menu, the sugar blood can control properly. So, what kind of menu for the diabetics? The following is the healthy menu for the diabetics that you can try for lowering blood sugar levels.

First, healthy menu for breakfast. Breakfast is an activity improving health. Breakfast became the important thing to do an activity. Without it, you will feel limp, lackluster and you will get the other health problems.

A good breakfast menu that you can try is 100 grams of brown rice, 1 egg, 100 grams of boiled vegetables and ½ avocados. If you like milk, you can drink it. Ensure you drink low-fat milk but have a high protein.

Second, lunch menu. The activities were undertaken during the day is more than in the morning, so the food portion should be added, nevertheless still avoiding foods contain a lot of sugar. You may try a healthy menu for lunch start from 150 grams of brown rice, 1 cup of vegetable soup, 50 g fried fish and 1 orange. Then, the best drink to your lunch is water.

Third, healthy menu for dinner. Different from lunch, dinner menu has smaller portions because of activity at night has been reduced. Consumption of 3 pieces of white bread, 50 grams of chicken breast, a bowl of vegetables and 1 apple. Try ate not exceed 7:00 in order not to be the increase the insulin or weight.

That’s are the healthy menu for diabetics. By consuming those menus, you may control your blood sugar levels. Don’t forget to avoid snack especially that have a high fat, calories and carbohydrates. Then consume water and do exercising every day to make your body keep in the best condition.

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