Fruits For Diabetic Meal Planning

fruits for diabetic meal planning

A diabetic should always be careful in eating some kind of food in order to avoid increasing total of glucose in their body. There are some kinds of food that can be their choice on it, one of them is choosing fruits for diabetic meal planning.

In this case there are some fruits that belief can control the total number of glucose in their body. Those kind of fruit is usually has much vitamin and mineral. Those vitamin and protein is not only can avoid to increase their glucose but also can keep their helthy as always.

  1. Pear

The first fruits for diabetic meal planning that can be your choice is pear because pear is having much fiber and vitamin which is good for them. This fruit is doesn’t too sweet. The juicy of this fruit is really recommend for people doesn’t like drinking too much.

  1. Starfruit

If you dont like pear you can try the other juicy fruit like pear. Startfruit is also better as fruits for diabetic meal planning. This fruit help you reduce hypertensi and gluecose in your body. But, you should remember when consuming pear and starfruit for diabetic meal planning, you should control the sugar. Those kind of fruit having a little taste of sour but if you give much sour, your diet are none.

  1. Guava and papaya

If you have an indigestion, pear and starfruit is not really recommended. You may substitute it by consuming the other fruit like papaya and guava. Besides those fruit has vitamin A and C which better to reduce the treath of cholesterol. It is also good for your  digestion because both of guava and papya is having better fiber toward your body.

A diabetic is suggest to consume many fruits like above. But a nutrition of fruits for diabetic meal planning is also must be consider in order to calculating total number of glucose in our body.

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