The Important Of Meal Planning For Diabetic

meal planning for diabetic

Having a healthy body’s condition is a great a dream for most of people. Because by having healthy body, people can do everything about what they want to do. Unfortunately, most of people just have a dream without any effort to reach it. Nowdays, we are popular with so many kinds of disease. One of the most dangerous and attack many people called diabetes.

Diabetes is a kind disease where the body of the diabetic can not manage the level of glukose in their body. In this case the diabetic must attention well about their daily meal. So, having a meal planning for diabetic must be followed up to get a balance glukose in our body.

Actually the advice of a good habit meal for both of diabetic or non-diabetic is similar. A various meal is allowed to them, provided that all of them are in balance measurement and agree with the need of the gizi. Beside of it, the most important point in a meal planning for diabetic must contains carbohidrat, vitamin and mineral, fat, protein and fiber. Here the explanation of a good meal planning for diabetic:

  1. Carbohidrat

Carbohidrat is the main energy sources to get a good quality of our daily activity. Eating a low carbohidrat could make our body feel tired and weary in a short time. We can eat some food like rice, bread, noodle, potato etc because all of them is contain much carbohidrat which is good to increase our energy.

  1. Vitamin and mineral

We can get a vitamin and mineral from fruit and vegetable. This kind of substance can expeditely our body’s sistem. Consuming a food that contain vitamin and mineral is best meal planning for diabetic.

  1. Fat

Besides carbohidrat, the main energy resources can be find also in a fat. We can find a fat from hickn skin, duck skin, coconut milk, oil, butter, etc. Although the diabetic need fat, but they must be careful to fat because eating much fat could make them potentially suffering heart attack

  1. Protein

Some food that contain of protein are from fish, egg, tofu, and nuts. Protein is very important to change our broken body’s cell to new one.

  1. Fiber

We can get some fiber on fruits, vegetable, oats and nuts. Fiber is important to help us feel always satisfied, decrease glukosa, and switness to defecate

That is the explanation about meal planning for diabetic. Besides just attention on a meal planning for diabetic, creating your own menu is something allowed for diabetic. Because by this way, you can monitor the meals’s ingredients that you have consumed everyday.

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