The Right Dietary Habit For Diabetic

right dietary habbit for diabetic

Most people said that suffering a glucose disease or called as diabetes could make our activity will be hampered. Actually this is a totally wrong statement. Because we can avoid it by having good management of eating, that is a right dietary habbit for diabetic.

As we know that the need of food for the diabetic is not only to fulfill their side because it also need to make a balance on their degree of glucose on their body. So the right dietary habit for diabetic must be pay attention more to them.

As we know that a diabetic having a very low control of glucose in their body. So, we must give more attention on their food not only for the kind but also on quantity and schedule to eat the food.

This right dietary habbit for diabetic are include of schedule, types and quantity of the food. The first right dietary habbit for diabetic is about schedule. A diabetic is advised to eat for about six times in a day with the rule of three times for big meal and three times just a snack. The purpose of this eating schedule is to avoid our side to be blank. Here of the schedule:

  1. Breakfast (big meal) : 7 am
  2. Snack : 10 am
  3. Lunch (big meal) : 1 pm
  4. Snack : 4 pm
  5. Dinner (big meal) : 7 pm
  6. Snack : 10 pm

The second strategy on a right dietary habbit for diabetic is about the types of the meal. The diabetic must always pay attention to the food that they consume everyday because it will be influence of their degree of glucose in their body. Some food that must be avoid for diabetic are like rice, cafein, noodle, bread etc. Even if there are some avoid food for you, there are some suggestion food for diabetic also like apple, orange, olive oil, tomato,carrot etc to fulfil the need of gizi on your body.

While the third right dietary habbit for diabetic is about the quantity of the food that you must consume. The most important point for diabetic in consuming a food is not only not too much but also the frequency on it. In the right dietary habbit for diabetic, the diabetic is advise to eat the food is about 25% in big meals and 10 % for snack with the schedule as mention above.

Above is the explanation of dietary habit that you can follow. Don’t forget to get some exercise to make balance your body.

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