Three Principles Of Meal Planning For Diabetic

principles of meal planning for diabetic

Eating principle between diabetic and normal people is totally different. For diabetic, food is something crucial toward their healthy. As we know that diabetic not only need to avoid eating much sugar but also following some principle on it. Those principles is important in order to balance their disorder with food that they need.

Belows, are some principles of meal planning for diabetic that should be known :

  1. Balancing the number of calories in our body

The first principles of meal planning for diabetic is about consuming number of calories. As we know to make our body is balanced in weight so we need to have a balance number of calorie in our body. There are some ways for diabetic to decides their need on calorie by calculating the need of calorie (25 up to 30 calorie / kilogra ideal weight) then add or relieve depend on some factors like gender, age, activity, etc).

  1. Control the consumption of sugar

The second principles of meal planning for diabetic is considering the consumtion of sugar. It is better for diabetic to consume less sugar in their eating. The use of less sugar is suggest in cooking spices. This principles of meal planning for diabetic is very important because we need to control our sugar consumtion because diabetic is a kind of disease which strongly forbit to have much sugar.

  1. The standard diet

And the last principles of meal planning for diabetic is about diet standard. Actually there is a guidline for diabetic in their way of diet. This guideline contant several instruction for patient to know their food nutrition needed whenever they want to it in a day in the form of alteration. Those food alteration is a kind of food list and categorized by it’s calorie, protein etc which have same nutrition.

Some principles of meal planning for diabetic above should be used as a consideration for diabetic in order to have an ideal weight and health of body. So besides avoiding consume much sugar the other important principle is better to follow to have a healthy life.

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